Dr. Melanie Dunlap
Cancer & Wellness Coach

With over 20 years of experience in natural health, Dr. Melanie Dunlap is an expert in holistic wellness, experience that proved invaluable when cancer touched her life as a survivor and caregiver. In her book, Uncertain Grace: One Couple’s Journey Through Cancer, Melanie recounts the fear and hope of cancer treatment and the whole person care that brought her and her husband back to health.

After years of studying herbalism, massage therapy, and energy medicine, Melanie received a Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health. More recently, Melanie saw the need for a more holistic approach to cancer and became a certified cancer coach. In her practice, Melanie blends intuition and knowledge to give her clients practical and inspired guidance on their journey to wellness for conditions of all kinds.

Nationally recognized as a leader in women’s empowerment and holistic health, Melanie runs The Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center in New River, Arizona, two time winner of the Best Natural Healing Center and featured on ABC15 TV, Voice of America Radio, podcasts, and print media. The Center is known nationally for its full moon labyrinth walks, women’s circles, red tent retreats, and annual AZ Goddess Conference.

Melanie is a dynamic speaker and sought-after workshop facilitator whose authentic style and southern charm inspires and uplifts. She has helped thousands of people find their path to a healthier, happier, and more heart-centered life.

Get to know Melanie by reading her fun and informative blog about natural health and lifestyle medicine at www.MelanieDunlap.com


Maggie Gautier

As a recent transplant from Los Angeles, Maggie has co-facilitated and assisted over a dozen ‘Artists Way’ Workshops with Kelly Morgan.  Maggie has written and produced over a dozen one-woman shows.  Her musical, ‘Curtain Call the Musical…the story begins before the curtain opens,’ includes nineteen original songs.  It has been successfully produced and is currently in the marketplace.  Maggie has worked with several different artists and lyric writing is her bliss.


Dineta Pic

 Dineta Williams-Trigg

Hello my BELOVED SISTERS, my name is Dineta Williams-Trigg. I am a 3rd degree Wiccan, an intuitive and self proclaimed Witch and Goddess lover for more than 15 years.

Continuing my quest to help heal womynkind and earth mother heal by creating sacred space, thank you for letting me be of service to you.

Let’s come together and bond..it’s a part of our her-story. Without our sense of ourselves as sisters–companions and not competitors we cannot be transformed into a Bonded human community. Thanks again for allowing me to share some of the wisdom that I have learned on my journey.


Marie Howell

Phoenix artist Marie Howell is a creator of sacred art, exploring both 2D and 3D media. Her work is the result of the Intentional Creativity process as taught by artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Marie’s paintings and sculptures are “downloaded” through deep connection and tuning in to her inner guidance. Each stage of her work is revealed in a step by step process as she listens within. She integrates traditional and non-traditional techniques and materials that express her original vision as she invites viewers into a personal encounter with her art that nurtures, transforms, and empowers. She is currently working primarily in acrylic painting and “assemblage” sculptural collage, adding the decorative element of embellishment and adornment to both. Since Marie works at a deeply intuitive level, her pieces encourage reflection and speak to the heart.

Marie’s art has been displayed in several local galleries and churches. She has been featured in Phoenix Home and Garden magazine and slides of her paintings were shown at the United Nations Conference on the Status of Women.

Additionally, Marie is a certified Cosmic Smashbooking Teacher. Cosmic Smashbooking is an Intentional Creativity process and tool developed by artist Catt Geller. Marie offers both one on one and group workshops in Cosmic Smashbooking. “Smashing” involves an art journaling exploration that provides insights through writing, painting, and collage. Much of Marie’s Smashbooking focus revolves around the theme of Cosmic Peacemaking. Marie believes we are all being called to be a Cosmic Peacemaker both in our personal lives and in the world.

Marie also facilitates other creative exploratory classes upon request. She draws upon her many years of public education art instruction and counseling experience as she provides hands on creative opportunities for learners of all ages. Her students are delighted to discover their own unique talents and abilities as they explore the creative process and find new ways to express themselves for their own enrichment and enjoyment.

Her website is truenorthwisdom.com.


Leeanne Gardner

Embracing the lessons learned in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur starting her own service based businesses, Leeanne brings a unique and personalized skill set and support to others who are looking for more and won’t settle for just going through the motions. A lifelong love of horses taught her many profound lessons including the importance of authenticity, the power of presence, perseverance and resilience.

During her successful 25-year career in airlines, technology and luxury hospitality, she discovered that many of her colleagues couldn’t answer the question, “What lights you up?”. They didn’t have a passion or interest outside of their career. Through her connection with the horses, Leeanne experienced the positive results of having a balance between your business and personal life. Upon her departure from the corporate world in 2008, she created Unbridle It, LLC partnering with her beloved horses Sassy and Romeo to help individuals reconnect with a lost passion. Now, after the loss of both of her horses, she continues to help individuals reconnect with a passion and find their individual power, but for now, without the horse’s input. Activating her knowledge and experience from corporate marketing and branding to wearing all hats as an entrepreneur starting up a service based business, she also helps small business owners who know they are called to make a difference but may not have the business or marketing experience to realize their dreams.

She is frequently asked to share her personal story about why she feels passion and balance are so important. She feels that you have to walk through life’s challenges and continue to face them with resilience so you can help others do the same.

What’s Your “It”? You’ll Never Know Your Full Potential Until You Unbridle It!

You can learn more about Leeanne at www.unbridleit.com or email Bossmare@Unbridleit.com


Lisa Vallee

As a Founding Mother of the AZ Goddess Conference, Lisa is also known as the Hospitality Goddess or Queen of Comfort.  She will be seen milling around taking care of things to ensure that everyone is comfortable while attending the conference.

Lisa has over 18 years experience educating and encouraging families with young children.  As a Developmental Specialist, she can assess a child’s functioning and supports parents with the next steps in the developmental process.  Lisa loves to see ‘little ones’ learn about the world around them.  She has a special place in her heart for children who need some creative strategies to help along the way.  She is passionate about helping parents be intentional with raising their kids.  Successful parents make happy families.  Lisa believes that we all have our own special abilities that make us unique and wonderful.



Spiritual Readings available during the conference for an additional charge:


Paula Hannasch

Paula is a Spiritual Mentor in Life and Business. Paula has a strong Spiritual base that she works from whether she is working with small business owners to create a profitable business aligned with who they are and how they are wired, or doing a Spiritual Reading for someone assisting them in accessing and hearing direction in their life that helps them to get unstuck and move forward. She is passionate about life and her work reflects that. She desires for everyone to be able to live a life of profit and fulfillment in all ways, being a Spiritual Mentor and Coach allows her to do just that!

Paula lives in Glendale Arizona with her awesome husband of many years, Joseph.

Feel free to contact her at paula@paulahannasch.com or visit her website at http://paulahannasch.com/contact.



Danie Nicole

Tarot Reader and Spiritual Reader

Spiritually based all her life, Danie knew there was something greater that Guides us and sought to honor that by finding out more and then sharing it with others.  From Spiritual Reader, Healer and Energy Worker to Tarot Reader, her intention is to serve in the highest way to connect people to their own Inner Guidance and respond to it in their daily life.

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