Embracing Your Crone

~ Dr. Melanie Dunlap


The Crone is like a tuning fork in her environment.  The world and the people around her are different because she is there. The Crone is a woman who has faced crossroads in her life and is choosing to live from love rather than ego.

Embracing your crone isn’t for the faint of heart! There are hot flashes, moodiness, low energy and facial hair that comes in overnight. You often speak without filters and pray for more alone time.

This workshop will explore menopause and the journey to our wise woman years. If you’ve ever wondered if you might be in menopause, know you are in it, or think you are already through it, then there will be something for you in this workshop.

You’ll learn natural remedies for physical symptoms and emotional turmoil. Get the schedule for the menopause crazy train and tips for more energy. Being a crone is about more than just “the change”, it is about a new phase of life. It is about stepping fully into your power. Join Dr. Melanie to embrace your crone.




Cosmic Smashbooking

~ Marie Howell

Cosmic Smashbooking with Marie: Come to Peace Within Yourself and Within Your World

Join certified Cosmic Smashbooking Teacher and Guide Marie Howell as we each create our own personal mini smashbooks. Smashbooking is an intentional creativity practice that utilizes both the left and right sides of our brain through a combination of journaling and art making. This creative discovery process opens the door to our inner wisdom to explore answers, shift awareness, and bring our hearts and minds together to assist in our healing and growth. Solutions to challenges, more clarity, our next steps, and release of the past are all possible through connecting to our guidance within. Cosmic Smashbooking is a balance of hard work and play whose most important rule is There Are No Rules!

All materials will be provided though you are welcome to bring along any photos, magazine images, or mementos you might like to include in your smashbook.

NO ARTISTIC EXPERTISE or EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! All that is needed is a willingness to explore your personal inner landscape while having fun and being supported by Marie and your fellow smashbookers.

For additional information and photos of Cosmic Smashbooking in action, be sure to visit Marie’s website www.Truenorthwisdom.com and click on the Smashbooking tab at the top of the page.



You’re Grounded!

~ Dr. Melanie Dunlap


Do you ever feel dizzy or off balance? Do your thoughts sometimes swirl and make it hard for you to make decisions? Then you probably need to be grounded.

Join Dr. Melanie for this interactive workshop that will show you how to get and stay grounded. We’ll cover what it means to be grounded spiritually and physically. Feel the different sensations underneath your feet and learn simple techniques that can ground you at any time and in any situation.




Finding Your Voice by Writing It Down

~ Maggie Gautier

If you’ve ever wanted to write a song, there’s no time like the now.  This fun and interactive workshop will guide you through the process of song structure and how to take your voice, your ideas, your experiences and turn them into a memorable melody.

Putting your words on paper is a way for your soul to express itself.  This workshop is for new and experienced poets and songwriters.  You’ll leave the 90 minute session with a song from your heart.  Fear not, go for it, you’ll be glad you did.



Arachne/Grandmother Spider

~ Dineta Williams-Trigg

Learn about our patron Goddesses Arachne and Grandmother Spider






Kitchen Herbalism

~ Dr. Melanie Dunlap

For less than the cost of a doctor’s visit you will rediscover simple remedies used by our grandmothers to treat everyday illness and prevent disease.

Learn to use common kitchen herbs to combat colds, coughs, fevers, nausea and more! In this class you will get simple recipes that can help you care for yourself and your family using teas, syrups and other plant medicines.




Unbridled Resilience

~ Leeanne Gardner

Rise from the ashes like a Phoenix! Resilience is the key to surviving and thriving. But we can’t do it alone. We need an inner circle to help us navigate life’s challenges. Our ego tricks us into believing that others are judging us, and we don’t measure up.

In this workshop you will look inward to find what lights you up and keeps you going. You will learn how to recognize others that are also finding their inner strength and how you can support each other. Learn to live more intentionally with what lights YOU up!



Make A Joyous Noise

~ Lisa Vallee

Goddesses come together for fun and laughter!  Lisa will lead us in the morning movement activity and create a space for your inner child to come out and play.  There will be a variety of instruments to choose from.  We will wake up our bodies and get the energy moving for an amazing day ahead.  It is powerful to hear a collection of individuals come together in a joyous symphony.    Start your day with a smile!!!  Feel free to bring your own instrument.


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