Kitchen Witch

~ Dr. Melanie Dunlap

A kitchen witch is the ultimate domestic diva, combining hearth and home with magick and enchantment. Her home is not just a physical house but a spiritual temple.

In this workshop you will learn how to begin thinking magickally in everything you do around your home. When you cook, don’t just follow a recipe—turn it into a spell, and charge that food or drink with the energy of that which you want to work toward. When you do your spring cleaning, perform it with reverence as a purification of your temple. Don’t just suck up the dust bunnies under the bed with your vacuum—banish these negative entities from your life.

When everything in your life becomes magickal, it brings an abundance of blessings and joy!



An Artistic Offering to Gaia

~ Kim Wagner-Hemmes


In this workshop you will create a portable artistic offering to Gaia that you can use to decorate your sacred personal space wherever that may be. Create your own artwork using the five key elements of nature.

You don’t have to be an artist to attend! You will have your human and spirit guides to help you.




Natural Remedies for Anxiety & Overwhelm

~ Dr. Melanie Dunlap

If you frequently feel overwhelmed or suffer from bouts of anxiety you are not alone. Most of us get that way. Sometimes those feelings get away from us and can turn into full blown depression. We lose hope and find it hard to be engaged.

In this workshop you will learn energy techniques that can shift you from overwhelmed to empowered. Together we will sample herbs that can reduce your anxiety and increase your wellness. Learn grounding techniques and how to tap into Gaia to gain strength and clarity.



A Woman’s Crystal Triple Threat…A Gift from Gaia

~ Stephanie Sidora


In this class we will cover three crystals; one for the power to create, one for the power to transform, and the last one for the power to be intuitive. These are tools Gaia has given each of us women to use in our daily life, join us as we learn different ways to put this triple threat to use.




~ Dineta Williams-Trigg

Learn about our patron Goddess Gaia







Wheel of the Year

~ Dr. Melanie Dunlap

The wheel of the year is an annual cycle observed by many earth based spiritualities. The wheel is made up of the 4 solstices and equinoxes, known as “quarter days” and the midpoints known as the “cross quarter days”. Referred to as holidays or sabbats they are observed to honor and celebrate the seasons and cycles of life. Each spoke on the wheel has its own rituals and practices.

In this Wheel of the Year workshop you will learn what the sabbats are and how to incorporate them into your life. Discover simple rituals for each holiday and what intentions to set during each season. Explore the connection between the wheel of the year and Gaia.



Indigenous Rights of Womanhood

~ De Alva Ward

Indigenous tribes honor the transitions of the natural cycles of womanhood based on the cycles of Mother Earth and the lunar cycles. It is the connections of women in our families and community that supports the womanhood of sacred practice by gathering together to nurture each other. Together we will journey to our sacred mother for the nurturing we need.


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